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Zero Carb Sweetener

Ketone fat burning formulation

LDL Cholestrol Management

Powerful Anti-Inflammation

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Glyvia™ is a natural zero-carbohydrate sweetener that tastes amazing delivering sugar-like taste and mouthfeel without the sugar calories or serum sugar spike. In addition, it provides a research-supported pharmacology to assist insulin activity and blood sugar clearance.  Patent-pending with research papers in peer-review.


Break-through Exogenous Ketone Fat-Burning Formulation that provides very different pharmacology and incremental research-supported metabolic enhancement over BHB alone. Shown publicly in recently peer-reviewed and published research papers.

Curcumin LDL45™

CURCUMIN LDL45TM  Engineered curcuminoid technology shown to help manage LDL-cholesterol with similar pharmacological mechanism to statin drugs.

Curcumin BioBDMC™

Anti-Inflammatory Supplement.Provides relief from pain, swelling and other common ailments associated with systemic inflammation. Patented pharmacology delivered by novel research-supported  mechanism that is recently peer-reviewed,published and shown to work as much as 14 x more effective than Ibuprofen and ASA.