Leading the way to new natural medicinal standards consumers can rely on!

Biologic is committed to bringing to consumers natural medicinal and metabolic enhancing compounds that are validated by science and designed based on research that has mapped the biological mechanisms; research methods that are common and familiar to allopathic medical professionals so they are able to quickly relate to the medical or enhancing application.

Our pointed research allows us to validate or disprove the pharmacology of naturally occurring biochemicals inherent in common botanical and nutrient-based therapeutic agents and provides the basis for a new standard that is supported by published research that itself has been peer-reviewed before publication.

Franco’s Story

Initially driven by a passion to better understand nutraceuticals and nutrition in order to enhance performance during his quest to win the title of several North American bodybuilding competitions, Franco Cavaleri was struck with ulcerative colitis, a serious autoimmune disease.  This disease derailed Cavaleri twice with hospitalization and with a prognosis of surgical intervention with prohibitive lifestyle consequences but was also the impetus that changed Cavaleri’s course of research forever.  Cavaleri’s research into anti-inflammatory strategies, originally used to support recovery from training, quickly became focused on better understanding the pharmacology of natural medicinal agents to rehabilitate his ulcerative colitis, without surgical intervention. Cavaleri was able to overcome his disease without surgery!

According to Cavaleri, the key was to isolate an extract instrumental in reducing inflammation. Cavaleri achieved efficient separation of the curcuminoids within the curcumin extract and studied the pharmacology of each constituent independently in isolation. He was able to unravel the pharmacology of each constituent at a cellular and subcellular level in multiple cell lines and tissues.  In this way, Cavaleri has discovered a way to predict curcumin and curcuminoid activity – the result is the new potential to design curcumin-based therapies with greater precision, with the ability to more selectively target subcellular proteins involved in development of disease symptoms and pathology, and increased efficacy by indication.  These discoveries changed everything we knew about curcumin and set a new standard.

This curcumin model proved to set in place a powerful paradigm that has guided our activities and mission to be repeated successfully time and time again at Biologic.