Blood sugar control and weight management!

Glyvia™ is a natural zero-carbohydrate sweetener that tastes amazing delivering sugar-like taste and mouthfeel without the sugar calories or serum sugar spike.In addition, it provides a research-supported pharmacology to assist insulin activity and blood sugar clearance.  Patent-pending with research papers in peer-review.

Pharmacological Features!​

Glyvia™ Benefits:

  • Zero-carbohydrate
  • Low – zero glycemic index
  • Reduces the amount of natural gylcoside to approximately only 20% of typical usage needed for sweetness
  • Is said to reduce appetite and carbohydrate consumption
  • Add to foods (baking) and beverages like tea, coffee or other
  • Supports serum blood sugar control
  • Adds sweetness-tastes clean like sugar

Blue Line Path/GLYVIA™

 At approximately 15 minutes after consumption of a heaping teaspoon (6 grams) of GLYVIA™ powder in 300 mls of water (creating the same sweetness level as table sugar) serum glucose levels remain at the low fasting level all the way through to and past the 75 minute test term.

Red Line Path/Sucrose (Table Sugar):  By the 15 minute mark after consumption of one heaping teaspoon (6 grams) of table sugar (sucrose) stirred into 300 mls of water creating the same sweetness level as the above GLYVIA™ test solution serum glucose level begins to rise significantly and remained raised for close to 70 minutes.

Insulinogenic activity – promotion of insulin secretion

GLYVIA™:   At approximately 15 minutes after administration of GLYIVA™ powder we begin to see a rise in insulin secretion induced by both GLYIVA™ powder formulations.  In fact, at this time point the insulinogenic (insulin secreting) potential is greater by GLYIVA™ than by Glyburide (antidiabetic drug). 

GLYBURIDE™:  At the 15 minute mark and at the 30 minute mark GLYBURIDE is not inducing insulin as well as GLYVIA’s activity but the drug, GLYBURIDE, begins to catch up but not quite reach GLYVIA’s activity by 60 minutes.

Insulinogenic potential improves nutrient assimilation as in glucose and amino acid(protein) assimilation by cells; to improve blood sugar clearance for glycogen restoration and amino acid uptake for anabolic drive.  Perfect throughout the day for diabetics and weight loss.  Perfect addition to post-workout supplement for glycogen and anabolic drive.

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