Break-through Exogenous ketone Fat-Burning Formulation!

Break-through Exogenous Ketone Fat-Burning Formulation that provides very different pharmacology and incremental research-supported metabolic enhancement over BHB alone. Novel patented BHB-BA-complex showcased in recently peer-reviewed and published in scientific literature.

Pharmacological Features!​

KETOBHBA™ Benefits:

  • Natural Energy
  • Improves Mental Performance and Memory
  • Improves Stamina & Physical Performance
  • Feeling of Alertness
  • Pre-Workout Supplement
  •  Study-Stamina Supplement
  • Facilitates use of fat as energy substrate
  • Facilitates Ketosis
  • Does not interfere with or inhibit ketogenesis like BHB supplementation does

Blue Line Path/KETOBHBA™

Rate of Ketone Production/Ketogenesis 

 At approximately 30 minutes the BA in the KETOBHBA complex activates ketone generation from the cells fat supply and by 60 minutes the ketone generating activity in all concentration cases is vigorous. By about 90 minutes in each case ketone production begins to slow down. KETOBHBA™ activity supports ketone production expected by the ketogenic diet and contributes to ketosis by way of ketones made by the body.

Red Line Path/BHB only:  In most trials ketogenesis is shut down which ultimately inhibits or counters the effect expected from the ketogenic diet.  In the starved condition some mild ketogenic (ketone production internally) activity is activated but is quickly shut down by the BHB presence.  The BHB supply contributes to ketosis but not by way of ketones made by the body.

Blue Line Path/KETOBHBA™:

Rate of Fatty Acid Oxidation/Fat Burning

Immediately upon introduction in 15 min the BA in the KETOBHBA™ complex activates fat burning (right away) but as BHB levels rise and persist with BHB signalling, BHB begins to shut down fat burning   Eventually the BA signal keeps the fat burning in the ON position and it overrides BHB’s signal at 33 minutes so Fat Burning prevails long term as it does with the ketogenic diet.

Red Line Path/BHB only:  Immediately at 15 minutes the system starts to gear up fatty acid oxidation but BHB fights against it to quickly win with its OFF signal and shut it down with no BA activation signal to counter.  These counters the result expected by the ketogenic diet or fat loss initiative.

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