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From our core group of technologies showcased here, off-shoot products are available in multiple delivery forms such as powder,tablets, caplet, capsule, sachet and stick pack; multiple delicious flavors for effective pre-workout, post-workout and daily preventive powdered beverage mixes; functionally active coffee and tea creamers and more.Additionally, compositional variations of the technologies are also used to create channel-specific biological differences such as professional series (ND-lines) versus OTC (health food store shelf lines).

Glyvia™ is a natural zero-carbohydrate sweetener that tastes amazing delivering sugar-like taste and mouthfeel without the sugar calories or serum sugar spike. In addition, it provides a research-supported pharmacology to assist insulin activity and blood sugar clearance. Patent-pending with research papers in peer-review.​

Anti-Inflammatory Supplement.Provides Relief from pain, swelling and other common ailments associated with systemic inflammation. Patented pharmacology delivered by novel research-supported  mechanism that is recently peer-reviewed and published  and shown to work as much as 14x more effective than Ibuprofen and ASA.

Break-through Exogenous Ketone Fat-Burning Formulation that provides very different pharmacology and incremental research-supported metabolic enhancement over BHB alone. Shown publicly in recently peer-reviewed and published research papers.

CURCUMIN-LDL45TM is engineered curcuminoid technology shown to help manage LDL-cholesterol with similar pharmacological mechanism to statin drugs.  This technology not only lowers serum LDL cholesterol it reduces oxidative stress associated with LDL oxidation and inhibits inflammation associated with atherosclerotic plaque formation – a synergistic THREE pronged attach against cholesterol mismanagement and heart disease.

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